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Brand Boldly

diy comprehensive branding

Define your unique brand voice, develop a captivating visual identity, and craft compelling messaging that resonates with your ideal clients.

This DIY course will help you attract dream clients and turn browsers into buyers.

$797 $297

Digital Dominance

diy seo mastery program

Master the fundamentals of SEO, conduct effective keyword research, and optimize your website to attract organic traffic from your dream clients.

This DIY course will help you boost your rankings and improve online visibility.

$997 $497
Rita Suzanne

About Rita Suzanne

Rita Suzanne is a business growth strategist passionate about helping entrepreneurs like you build powerful brands, design profitable VIP days, and master SEO for maximum visibility. Let her expertise guide you towards a thriving online presence and achieving your business goals.

Kind Words

Rita’s work went far beyond expectations. She not only executed our requests flawlessly, but also consistently offered better ideas and proactive solutions, always exceeding our initial vision. Whether it was answering questions, implementing last-minute edits, or providing perfect feedback, her dedication and reliability were unwavering.

Working with Rita was a learning experience as well. She patiently explained the process, empowering us with valuable knowledge. I’ve confidently recommended her to every client and eagerly await our next collaboration.

Simply put, Rita delivers! She ensures projects are efficient, correct, and perfectly aligned with your vision. She’s an incredible asset, a problem-solver extraordinaire, and a true gem!

Stephanie Baylor

Rita created a stunning new brand for me, perfectly complementing a user-friendly website! Working with her was a delight. She actively listened to my desires and offered invaluable insights I never considered.

Her meticulous attention to detail and genuine interest in my vision resonated deeply.

Beyond aesthetics, Rita’s expertise extended to client attraction and engagement. I gained profound knowledge on attracting dream clients, crafting targeted messaging, and providing exceptional service.

She didn’t just design a website – she empowered me to build a brand.

Lauren Morley

My dream? Transform my budding business into a well-oiled machine: automated, boasting a website I adore, offering strategic client experiences, and generating income. Self-doubt held me back: could I pull it off, and was my business worth the investment?

Working with Rita changed everything. I absolutely LOVED every step of the process!

My brand and website? I’m smitten! Every piece of advice Rita offered was solid, actionable, and empowering. She instilled confidence and direction, making my dream feel tangible.

Rita is your key to clarity, direction, branding, and website magic. Whether you’re starting out or refining, she’s your go-to!

Transparency is her middle name: services are clearly described, expectations are set, and delivery is flawless and stunning.

Jennifer Singh

Rita built three websites for me and each was a fantastic experience! I always enjoy collaborating with her – she dedicates entire days to ensure my feedback is heard and incorporated.

Working with Rita is a learning journey. She patiently taught me WordPress and empowers me to manage things myself. Her professionalism and design expertise are truly remarkable!

Jenny Ponzuric

Rita’s not just one pro, she’s a triple threat! She’s a design whiz with technical chops and a keen understanding of strategic planning. She’s all about delivering results, and she won’t sugarcoat anything. Want someone to pat you on the back? Call your mom. Want someone to propel you towards success? Call Rita. She’s the!

Not only is she thoughtful and strategic, but she works with lightning speed and pinpoint accuracy. I needed my search results revamped, and she did it so fast I swear she’s got connections at Google! Thanks, Rita!

Lynda Crotty

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